ECS 2000 is an Electrolyte Analyzer used for measuring Na+ and K+ accurately. Results are displayed in the Alphanumeric Backlight display. The unit of Measurement is mEq/Litre.


Sodium Potassium Analyzer

  • Single Electrode Assembly.
  • Direct ISE Technology.
  • Internal Checks for each sample.
  • Once a day calibration.
  • Throughput 60 samples/hr.
  • Can run Urine Samples without Dilution.
  • High Linearity- Na+ (10 - 900), K+ (0.1 - 300) mEq/lit. Hence the analyzer is being used for veterinary and research purpose.
  • Samples can be reused for other Biochemical Analysis (Useful in pediatric Samples).
  • Portable and Compact.
  • High Reproducibility and high accuracy.
  • No hidden Cost involved in Maintenance Procedure (Like deproteinization, cleaning, conditioning etc).
  • Low cost per test.
  • Simple YES/NO menus.

Technical Specifications

Feature Value
Principle Direct Potentiometry
Electrode Methodology ISE
Display Backlight LCD Display
Samples Serum, Plasma, Un-Diluted Urine, Heparinzed Whole Blood
Sample Storage More than 100 samples.
Sample Volume (150 - 300) µl (Reusable)
Printer Facility Optional (232 - Serial Port Printer)
Sodium Potassium
Calibration 120-180mEq/L 4.0-8.0 mEq/L
Usable Range 10-900 mEq/L 0.1-300 mEq/L
Resolution 0.1 0.1

360 Degree View

PDF Downloads

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