EX-D is an Electrolyte Analyzer (with auto-sampler)that accurately measures Na+, K+ and Cl- from Whole blood, Plasma, Serum, diluted Urine and Hemodialysis solution. Electrolyte analysis is expressed as mEq/L. It featuresAlphanumeric Backlight display to simplifyreading results, and contains high sensitive electrodes which facilitates once per daycalibration. Ensures low and economic running costs as it processes300 samples/hourand provides precise results with less than 0.05% C.V.


  • Measurement Parameter : Na+, K+ ,Cl-.
  • Measurement Sample : Hemo Dialysis Solution A (Acid Concentrates, Solution B (Bicarbonate), Solution A+B Balanced Whole Blood, Plasma, Serum, Diluted Urine.
  • Measurement Speed : 300 tests/hour.
  • Calibration : Only once per day as newly developed high sensitive electrode facilitates very accurate resultswith less than C.V < 0.5%.
  • Measurement method: Fully automated system with ion selective electrode

Technical Specifications

Feature Value
Sample volume

95ul (blood mode), 300ul (hemodialysis mode)

Measurement speed

100 Samples/hour (Max.) : 35 seconds /sample with start mode

Test Parameters
Electrolyte Blood Serum plasma Urine (Diluted)
Na+ 70.0-200.0 (mmol/L) 10.0-500.0 (mmol/L)
K+ 1.00-20.00 (mmol/L) 1.00-100.0(mmol/L)
Cl- 70.0-200.0 (mmol/L) 10.0-550.0(mmol/L)
Solution A (Acid Concentrates) Solution B (Bicarbonate) A+B Balanced Solution A+B(Balanced)
Na+ 100.0-120.0 (mmol/L) 20.0-40.0 (mmol/L) 130.0-150.0 (mmol/L)
K+ 1.00-3.00 (mmol/L) 1.00-100.0(mmol/L)
Cl- 100.0-120.0 (mmol/L) 100.0-120.0 (mmol/L)
Auto-sample Built in (20 Sample Positions).
Function 1) Sample Cup auto detection
2) Sample Volume auto-detection
3) Auto re-test function for abnormal data
4) Auto positioning from first set sample
5) Electrical Potential of each electrodes can be checked
Calibration Two-Point Automatic Calibration (interval is adjustable)
Test Functions Calculation of the x and C.V% Setting up normal range
Data Memory 500 patient data 100 QC data
On-Line Built in RS-232C
Display LCD display with back light (20 digits, 4 Lines)
Printer Thermal
Barcode reader Optional
Weight 14 Kg (Approx.)
Dimenstions 240 (W) X 410 (D) X 350 (H) mm
Power AC 110 / 220 V + 10%, 50/60 Hz

360 Degree View